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The App I never had

University reviews
University reviews 

Growing up in a middle-class home in Lagos, Nigeria, my parents always worked incredibly hard to make sure that my siblings and I had access to high-quality education, recognizing the many advantages of providing a child with knowledge.

Like any other regular kid, I progressed through middle school, high school, and eventually college (university) in the proper order. I had to make a choice when the time came to continue my education in a tertiary institution and at this point, I was at a crossroads. Some of the questions I required answers to are as follows:

  1. What school should I go to?
  2. What university was best for my dream course?
  3. What University ranking system could I trust for accurate information?

One faithful day, my uncle came around and we had a talk about the university I should attend and he made some suggestions of universities I should consider… oh he sounded very persuasive. This discussion sparked my interest and I began to do my own research and weigh my options as I really wanted to go to the right university to study my dream course.

Eventually, I took the JOINT ADMISSION MATRICULATION BOARD (JAMB) [this is the entrance exam to get into a University in Nigeria.]. I gave this exam my best, burning the midnight candle of excellence in a bid to hit my university’s cut-off mark for my dream course. Thankfully, I passed the entrance exam, and alas I got admitted into my chosen school.

With so much excitement, I couldn’t wait for the resumption date and when it was time, I embarked on my long-awaited trip to school. I must confess, meeting new people and coming to an entirely new city were the highlights of my trip.

On the first day of school as a freshman, I rushed to my lecture hall, and like every new student, I was overjoyed but sincerely my first day was way below my expectations and as things went on, I started losing interest, both in the school environment and my so-called dream course.

After enduring for a semester, I got very exhausted and tired and it became clear that this school wasn’t for me. Everything became boring to me. It all happened so fast, that I started ruminating on the decision of switching schools. In Nigeria, changing schools isn’t an easy task. It requires you to retake the JAMB exam and this happens once a year. For me this was very devastating, changing schools will mean I needed to wait for a year to start all over again.

Eventually, I took the JAMB exams the next year and I gained admission into a new school. It’s safe to say I wasted about 2-3 years making my decision as regards the university to go to, It was all trial and error.

I changed schools twice before finding the university that meets my needs and offers my dream course of study with a good learning environment. All this time wasted would have been put into useful work if I had SCOUTLAGE.

I realized that going through this wasn’t actually worth it, and this happens to millions of students every year both in my country, Nigeria, and abroad. After much consideration, I realized that I needed to solve this problem. The App I never had someone else needs to have it… Now, this is what birthed SCOUTLAGE.

Scoutlage is a very helpful part of every student's decision-making process. The fact that these reviews are written by students for students has to be the most outstanding feature of this platform, in my opinion.  And these reviews are not based on the school as a whole but based on the courses they have taken and their personal experiences. Students who have been allowed the freedom to be liberal and free to express their opinions instead of any predefined body with limited judgmental standards.

Indeed it is time to democratize university education, one quality review at a time.

Are you ready to join this movement?